Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 Nasotest – Antigen Rapid Test / Self-Test


Antigen self-test ,

Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 – Nasotest – Antigen Rapid Self-Test

The test kit consists of a test card, disposable cotton swab and a dose of test liquid. This quick test gives results easily and within 15 minutes. The swab does not need to be inserted deep into the nose like a PCR test, but simply rotated in the nasal passages to collect test tissue.

Product features:

– Manufacturer certification TÜV EN 13485: 2016
– Anterior nasal area swab type
– Test time: 15 min.
– Clinical sensitivity 92.00%
– Clinical specificity 99.26%
– CI 95% sensitivity 83.63% -96.28%
– CI 95 % specificity 95.92% -99.87%
– Individually packed
– German packaging and product description included


Manual – how does this self-test work?

1. Insert the swab into your left nostril and turn it 5 times at a time. Repeat for the right nostril.
2. Unfold the test card. Insert the swab through opening B to opening A. Lay the card flat.
3. Remove the protective layer from the adhesive strip and add 6 drops of test liquid into opening A.
4. Now turn the swab twice and then repeat in the opposite direction.
5. Fold the test card closed and press lightly at the adhesive strip until it is secured.
6. After 15 minutes the test result is visible.


German instruction video  (product packaging may differ):

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Beijing Lepu Medical Technology


Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test

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