Caremask – Surgical mouth mask type IIR

Caremask – Surgical mouth mask type IIR

Personal protectio, disposable

Product specifications:

Surgical mouth mask type IIR, sterile packed per piece or per 10 pieces.
Dimensions: 17,5 cm x 9,5 cm.

    • Skin friendly, latex free, non-woven material
    • 3-layer filtration protection
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 98%
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Perfect fit, comfortable usage
    • No breathing valve
    • Single use, disposable
    • Water repellent and protective against splatters (complies CE en TUV)
    • Produced according to the EN14683 standard
    • Effective protection of your environment against bacterial,
      viral infections and other airborne pathogens.

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General info (face screens, mouth mask or) face masks:

Face masks are effective protective equipment to protect professionals in healthcare and visitors who are visiting clients against infections, but also to protect vulnerable clients from infections. Currently, face masks are widely being used to protect consumers in their home situation from threats like viral infections, like now with the Corona-crisis (COVID-19), during a pandemic or epidemic. The actual and correct name for face-respirators, mouth masks or face masks is ‘mouth-nose masks’. In order to apply the products in the correct way and ensure effective and optimal protection, it is important to know what the various face masks are intended for. In Europe, specific guidelines, requirements and standards have been determined, which the various types of face masks must comply with.

The difference between a Surgical mouth-nose mask and a respiratory protection mask: 

The medical surgical mouth-nose masks are essentially personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. These masks protect patients against bacteria and other pathogens, for example from the nose or mouth of healthcare professionals. The masks also prevent healthcare professionals from touching their nose or mouth with their own hands (with or without gloves). A respiratory protection mask is a personal protective equipment that provides the wearer with protection against pathogens that are ‘airborne’, and can spread via the air.

Not every healthcare situation requires both mouth-nose masks and respiratory protection masks. If this is not explicitly necessary, it is also possible to use face masks that are certified for both applications.

 European standards and type indications:

Respiratory protection masks must comply with the guideline ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ and NEN-EN 149+A1. Face masks that are used as respiratory protection masks are used one time, and this type of mask does not have an exhalation valve, because drops might otherwise get in through the valve.

In Europe, we work with the following type indications for face masks:

    • FFP1
      The lowest level of protection for a mouth-nose mask, with a filter capacity of only 80% and permitted leakage on the sides up to 22%. These kinds of face masks are widely used as dust masks, for example for renovation work in and around the house. At Caremask, we do not have this type of face mask in our range.
    • FFP2
      This is the most common type of face mask, both in professional healthcare and at home. It filters 94%, and the leakage to the sides may not be higher than 8%. The mask offers considerable protection against viral infections and other pathogens that are spread via the air. The comparable type indications that are used in China (KN95) and the United States (N95) are of similar quality, and meet the same or even somewhat higher requirements than the FFP2 masks. For more information, check:
    • FFP3
      These masks offer an even higher level of protection. They filter at least 99% and leakage to the sides may not be higher than 2%. FFP3 masks are often used for work during which particulate matter will be released, such as asbestos or ceramic materials.

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